Converting to Judaism

The Oys and Joys of Choosing A Jewish Life

It’s Time

on June 10, 2015

Well guys, the big day is tomorrow. I have my dress picked out and the blessings learned, instructions printed from mapquest and a council of rabbis waiting for me at the end of a long stretch of highway. I got this.

I’ve been telling nearly everyone I know that I’m heading off to the mikveh to officially convert this Thursday, and I get the same response. Whether they’re old or young, known me for a few months or a few years, they all say, “It’s about time.”

In part, I would agree with that sentiment. I feel like my conversion has been a long time coming. While I feel a little nervous about the bet din itself, I have no nerves or second thoughts about becoming a part of this religious community. I’ve been living this way for a while- time to take the plunge.

I don’t regret waiting. Even though I wanted to immediately convert after completing my six month class back in March, spending some time unpacking the class and planning the ceremony helped me clear my head and figure out what I really want this big change in my life to look like.

I’m scared. I’m excited. I’m ready to see what will happen tomorrow. Rather than saying “it’s about time,” I’m at the point where I can finally say, “it’s time.” Everything has fallen into place, and I’m ready. Wish me luck.


6 responses to “It’s Time

  1. Fabio says:

    Go for it, my friend! Congratulations for the hard work towards the goal! I am following your steps – it is a long but rewarding journey! Take care! 🙂

  2. Adam says:

    Hey, it looks like I’ll be going in August! Mazel tov and all my best to you, hon! 🙂

    • Jenn says:

      That’s so exciting! I am very happy for you and know how much you have gone through to get to this point. Best of luck going forward.

      • Adam says:

        Oh, I have a question – which blessing for immersion did they have you use? I know there’s two, and one is convert-specific – was that the one they had you use?

    • Jenn says:

      There were two blessings. After the first time I immersed myself, I said the following:

      “Baruch atah Adonai Eloheinu melech ha-olam, asher kid-shanu b’mitzvo-tav v’tzi-vanu al ha-tevilah.”

      The second blessing was just the Shehecheyanu, and I said it after the third immersion.

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