Converting to Judaism

The Oys and Joys of Choosing A Jewish Life


No matter what kind of journey you embark on, you could always use a traveling buddy.

Searching the web for someone like me- a woman who grew up in a religious Catholic household and is now looking to convert to Judaism- has shown me that my situation is unique. Let’s just say Google has been less than helpful. Try typing that mouthful into a search engine. I have found some informative websites and a few blogs out there that have given me places to start and people with whom I can identify. And it helps. A lot.

No matter how wonderfully supportive the Jewish community is, there are times when I can’t help but feel incredibly alone. So, I’m reaching out to anyone who’s looking like I was. I’m opening my life up to you, and it’s right in the middle of its most complex chapter yet. It’s messy. It’s heartfelt and light and serious and joyful and frustrating. But if you really want to know… Go ahead and jump in.

Whether you’re looking to find someone like you or you just want to hear my day-to-day stories, I hope my voice can give you what you’ve been searching for. This is only one perspective, one first-hand account, a single journey that spans a lifetime.

There are many different types of Judaism, and my voice does not necessarily represent one movement or the entire spectrum. I am simply a woman discovering that Jewish spark that’s been in her soul all these years, a spark that’s been waiting to be fanned into flame. I was born with a Jewish soul. It just took my heart and mind some time to catch up.

When the time comes to officially pick my Hebrew name, I already know I want Elisheva. It means G-d is my Promise, and she was Aaron’s, the high priest, wife in the Bible. Something about that name fits in my mouth and settles in my heart the right way.

I hope my writing makes you laugh and think and smile. I hope by learning a little more about me and my journey, you can come to know yourself a little better.


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  1. katybug18 says:

    I just came upon your blog as I am in the process writing my latest post. Thanks for the spark of encouragement for what I am about to write.

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